Wednesday, October 12, 2011

no Halloween for me :(

Y’all… bit of extremely sad news for me today. Our campus got an email from our Principal that told us that we cannot use the words, witch, ghost, or Halloween (or anything that might be considered “scary.” I was extremely sad because I was going to do these CUTE witches today and couldn’t do them. This means we will probably be the only campus in America that can’t do anything Halloween related :(

Since I couldn’t do those witches, I had to fill some time this afternoon before we went to library. So we read Eric Carle’s Little Cloud book and then designed/created our very own little cloud. This was a really great one by Jolee:


She even has the Rabbit Ears… who has rabbit ears anymore?!? This was another great one. We read No, David the first few days of school and Alexavier went and grabbed the book to make something he remembered from the book (pure BRILLIANCE I tell you!)



Here’s Raekeya’s Peace Sign:


So I realized that I never got back online to finish posting pictures of our last week of community helpers so I wanted to finish posting those as well.

DSC_1297 DSC_1380

Our buses that we made after discussing what their role is in the community.  I think it’s cute how school is spelled “shcool” cause we are “cool” in school. Haha… Oh, and I should mention that I totally ran out of yellow tissue paper which is why none of the buses are finished.

We learned about carpenters as well. Then the kids were able to construct different things and we talked about how hard it was to create and build something stable. We then talked about how it takes a special person to be able to see the angles and having the vision to create something.


This group constructed a bridge from the blocks.


One group constructed a chair. The picture on the right was actually an invention as well. She said you put something on the top of it and it shoots out through the opening whenever you need it to. What a thinker!


We made doctors and then made our own doctor bags! The kids loved being Doctor So-and-So!


Our Police Officers… aren’t they so stinkin’ cute?!? We colored the officers and then the kids wrote what they knew about police officers. I was really proud of their writing seeing as they did it by themselves during our FOCUS time when I was working with my babies doing interventions. We also did our fingerprints using stamps. I put those out during Open House and the kids were able to show their parents with a magnifying glass how different each fingerprint is! It was a hit!


Hope y’all have a great rest of the week. I’m praying I can get through these next two days with no incidents y’all. I am having a rough time this year with my little ones. They are doing some things that children who are 6-7 years old should NEVER be doing!!! I’m at a loss and have even asked my AP on what to do about certain behaviors. It’s so sad.


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