Wednesday, September 28, 2011

too funny to pass up

Ohmygoodness, y’all! Tomorrow is Open House and we have been working on Community Helpers this week (I will post some of our activities later). Today, we wrote about what we know about Police Officers and I just HAD to get online and share this with all you teachers out there! I have just about shared it with everyone I know because it has just cracked me up today!


It says, “Police have guns. They shoot people. Bad people. They are really incredible. They are very nice….”

and for the part that just has me crackin’ up and sharin’…

“you’re goin’ downtown. Take ‘em in boys!”

haha… okay, seriously! Maybe it’s how Trista read this to me (so serious when reading everything else and then so much enthusiasm in the goin’ downtown and take ‘em in boys! part.

My question: What has this girl been watching?!? I tried asking, but she didn’t know the name and was just beside herself that I didn’t know what she was talking about!

Anyone out there know? (Cops, maybe?!?)

Anyway, this was just to good to pass up, so I had to rush online to share with y’all! Hope you enjoyed her story as much as I did! And you gotta love the little walkie-talkie and the dialogue box with the “take ‘em downtown boys” quote!

Be back later to share some community worker stuff we’ve been doing this week! 2 more days til the weekend! <3


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