Friday, October 14, 2011

Grouchy ladybug + potatoes!


Time, time, time! That’s what we’ve been learning about this week in class. And of course you can’t teach time without a GROUCHY LADYBUG! We made our grouchy ladybug clocks and then labeled the parts of the clock (face, minute, and hour hand). The kids had fun with this activity.

We then made our own Grouchy Ladybug class book. I copied the pages for each of the kids and wrote the time that the ladybug came across each animal on it. They were responsible for writing the digital time on their sentence(s). They turned out adorable! I can’t wait to put them on construction paper and laminate them so the kids can start reading it!

      DSC_1401         DSC_1402



Our Librarian had this fan-tab-u-lous idea for the kids to participate in this fall season. Two years ago we made our favorite character from a book using pumpkins. This year, she used POTATOES! At first when I heard this I thought, “ha, yeah right, this is so not going to work OR look good at all!” I could not have been more wrong guys! Check out these potatoes:

DSC_1358DSC_1353DSC_1354      DSC_1349DSC_1362      DSC_1364DSC_1369      DSC_1373DSC_1360DSC_1367DSC_1371DSC_1375DSC_1374      DSC_1385DSC_1379DSC_1376DSC_1377DSC_1378


And my personal favorite:


Fly Guy! Of course, my sweeties said, “where’s Fly Eye?!?” lol… Sorry for the billion pictures.. they were all so good and I couldn’t just pick 4-5 to share!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! I know I will… I’m going to a co-workers house tomorrow for pancakes/chocolate milk brunch and then we’re gonna go watch the new Footloose movie (cause I can’t get the stinkin’ song out of my head!)


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