Friday, October 28, 2011

Go rangers!

So Parent/Teacher Conference Day is oh-ver! Only had 11 out of 21 show up, so it was a slow day for me. And of course, it was the parents that I didn’t need to speak to that did show up. Ah well, what ‘cha gonna do?!?

About to be Austin-bound with one of my co-workers. We are hitting up the Longhorns/Kansas game tomorrow night and gonna do some shopping and hanging out. Fun times ahead.

Sadly, this means I will have to miss watching my Rangers take on the Cards tonight in Game 7 of the World Series. So I am professing my support now in hopes that they bring it home tonight! I was devastated last night after being one strike away from the championship TWICE and then losing the game. Hoping our bullpen pulls through tonight and doesn’t get all nervous. GO RANGERS! Happy weekend, y’all!


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