Thursday, April 12, 2012

'M' is for mouthy....

Since April is poetry month, my firsties and I have been talking about poetry this week. It's been fun reading dinosaur poems for our unit all week... but today, I changed things up a bit.

I read an ABC poem about this ant who is scared of all the big animals that are walking above her anthill. Totally cute. Well, the word orangutan is used in the poem. So after I finish reading the poem, I ask my sweeties if they know what an orangutan is. I have this little boy (who can sometimes drive me up a wall) who innocently says, "It's a thing that you throw and it comes back..." It took just about everything I had in me to not crack up at his answer because I just thought it was the cutest response EVER!

Then later, another one of my cutie-pies came up to me while they were creating their own ABC poem about themselves. She walks up to me all cute and confident with the biggest smile on her face and says, "Ms. Prince, I put mouthy under M because I can be mouthy sometimes..." (think she's heard that one once or twice somewhere at home?!?)

I... could... not... control my laughter this time! She told me something else on her poem that I can't remember at the moment and all I could say was, "Sam, you sure do know yourself very well!"

It's moments like these that make years as hard as this one has been worth it :)


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